"MELLON (FUTURE) Asylum Seekers Shelter hosts 60 unaccompanied asylum seekers, both minors and 14 single mothers who are accommodated in separate stories of the same building. The residents have applied for asylum in Greece and within the international framework of Greece's obligations and the relative legislation, they are provided with hosting services, until the authorities decide about their asylum application.

The hosting services that the shelter provides are not limited in covering the basic needs of the residents, minors and adults, but also include supportive services that complement each other and are specialized according to the different age groups. Refugee status is the focal point of the services provided and all services aim at the individual reinforcement and empowerment of every resident. Services also include health care, educational services, counselling services as well as counselling that focuses on employment for adults and psycho-social and psychological support.



The Project is funded from the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway), by IOM GREECE, the Fund Operator of the SOAM Programme