• Coverage of primary human needs and the rights of asylum seekers (accommodation, nutrition, access to sanitary facilities, clothing)
  • Ensure primary health care, emergency care as well as contribution to the initial-during reception medical check
  • Connection to services and facilitate access to rights
  • Cultivation of the feeling of security
  • Psycho-social and psychological support
  • Facilitating legal issues and avoidance of entanglement with any underground channels
  • Management of the culture shock
  • Individual empowerment so that the person depending on his/her age, becomes capable of making the necessary decisions and charts the course of his/her future
  • Provision of basic cultural and cognitive tools to facilitate the subsequent settlement of the guests, but also for the duration of their stay in the country (language, cultural approach)


The Project is funded from the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway), by IOM GREECE, the Fund Operator of the SOAM Programme